A CRowd fave!

Our Jake’s Shakes go above and beyond what’s inside the cup. Each one is finished off with delicious, unique candies and toppings… making them a truly unique treat!


Cotton candy ice cream, pink waffle cone, cotton candy ball, whipped cream, meringue cookie horn and ears, and a maraschino cherry with a rainbow sprinkle rim.


Brownie slice, chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, chocolate covered strawberry, whipped cream, chocolate baton, with a rim of chocolate icing and chocolate chips.


Vanilla cupcakes, vanilla ice cream, waffle cone crumble, a maraschino cherry, and rainbow sprinkles with a graham cracker rim. 

Cookie Doh

Cookie dough ice cream, cookie dough bites, chocolate drizzle, chocolate chips, and whipped cream with a cookie dough rim.

Oreo Dream

Cookies and cream ice cream, Oreo ice cream bar, chocolate covered Oreo, white chocolate bark, chocolate drizzle, and whipped cream with an Oreo crumb rim.